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The Public depends on the

San Antonio Fire Department.

The San Antonio Fire Department depends on each other.

Offer to Help.

Ask for Help.


SAFD Cancer Advocates

Beth Wedige – 210-207-6313 or

Eddie Guerra – Workers Comp Captain – 210-309-8616 or

Daniel Barto – 210-286-5527 or

Hoyt Allen – 210-364-1294 or

Carlos Esquivel – 210-379-4460 or

Shane George – 210-269-1911 or

Dr. Rachelle Hamblin


resources for you

"I always thought seeing bad stuff would get easier with time.  I was wrong."

“After my cancer diagnosis, I really needed someone to talk to.  For me, the app was really helpful, it gave me the information I needed to reach out for help.”

“I almost quit, I couldn’t do it anymore, talking to someone who understood my struggle saved my career; it’s crucial to ask for help in this profession.”

“I didn’t realize how much being a firefighter affected me mentally until I had my own family.  I was constantly worried that tragedies I had experience would play out in my own life.  I needed help."

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